My Letter to the Wharton’s Economic forum

Here is a letter I wrote to the Wharton’s Economic Forum in response to their cancelling of Mr. Narendra Modi’s speech.


I just wanted to let you know( as you yourselves might already be well aware) that you have now become the new definition of being “pussy whipped”. So congrats. It is indeed a no ordinary achievement to cave in to a completely unjustified demand from some idiots in withdrawing your invitation to Mr. Narendra Modi. People can say a lot of things, allege a lot of stuff. Is it not your responsibility and duty to fully enquire and research those allegations? Have you found any judgement that has convicted Mr. Narendra Modi? There were 5 commissions that were set up (by both central and state governments and the Supreme court and some of which were set up by the ruling congress government) to enquire about the 2002 Communal riots and none of them has blamed him for the riots and neither have they said that he was lethargic in his actions. What more can a man do to prove his innocence? Does God has to come down from heaven and pronounce his innocence? And further more what  do you call people who wouldn’t want to accept his innocence even after all these judgements and pronouncements?  Wait, I know. They are deluded, cowardly fools. And you have just kissed their asses. Good job.
Mr. Modi has been hailed by so many countries and leaders about his leadership and contribution. The muslims in his state are economically far better than any  other state( which include all other hypocritical ones that call themselves ‘Secular’). And a lot of them have voted for him in the last election. There are far lesser muslims in jails in his state than, say his neighboring ‘secular’ sate, Maharashtra. And yet you dare to accept that he has achieved nothing economically and socially. Don’t you read newspapers or blogs. Its very hard to find a word in english to describe this level of absurdity.
Last year when Mr. Salman Rushdie was not allowed to speak at a function in India, people (including from the U.S) were so outraged. But how is that any difference to what happened at your forum? If you can’t handle the truth nor able to support it, then you have got no right to include lofty adjectives in front of your event, such as ‘prestigious’ etc. You are just a bunch of ( I would mention faggots, but that would be offending a lot of courageous, brave, masculine gay men) junkies and you certainly don’t deserve him as a speaker. I would said that he saved himself from a great dishonor by not speaking at your event. Good luck pussies!


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