History repeating itself?

History repeats itselfcartoonThe present government’s decision to pass the FDI act and let foreign companies/corporations have the major share in Indian soil is nothing but history repeating itself. About 500 years ago, the East India company gained a strong foothold in India and we know the rest of the history. It is indeed ironic that the government, run by the Congress party and which boasts (although wrongly) that it is the same organization that fought for Indian Independence from foreign rule has taken this decision. Even stranger is the fact that this decision comes exactly 70 years after Mahatma Gandhi’s call for “Quit India Movement” in 1942, boycotting foreign goods!

Well, the Congress Party has come a long way indeed. But what can one expect from a party that has an Italian born mercenary as its main leader and the countless scams that have plagued the party from Independence, specifically this government. Let me correct myself:  …. the countless scams that have plagued the country, not the party. The party seems to be doing reasonably well. The leaders are doing great. They have looted so much that they now feel generous enough to let foreign corporations join them. After all where is the thrill in doing this daylight robbery by themselves; they need accomplices. To their credit, they did have some, like the DMK. But they were petty locals, who made a big mess of the whole process. Now the party is unable to trust these “coalition partners” and wants to try something with much more experienced and well oiled corruption machines or “corporations”, as they are called in the United States.

One of the companies, ‘Wal Mart’, that very much benefits from this act is so well despised in the United States that it was given a judicial order prohibiting it from opening stores in New York the very same day that the Indian Primer Minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh, announced this act! Its like arranging a marriage for your daughter to a greedy groom on the same day when he has been thrown out of his own house due to his immoral behavior and acts. Wow Mr. Prime Minister, you are indeed a great father to the country! Ok, let me be generous and grant him the benefit of doubt due to the time difference!  But once he knew of this information the next day  and which was taken up by various leaders & speakers over the course of the next few weeks and months, should he not have acted? Is he so foolish and blind to think that this act will strengthen the economy? Of course he is not blind, the country is: for electing this government to power. He knows exactly what’s happening, as presented in the cartoon. Its gross I agree, but very true.

The great Mark Twain said,”The only thing we learn from History is that we never learn from History”. And how much spot on was he. I think he specifically spoke about India, because one can see his observation manifesting every day in “Modern” India. It never ceases to amaze me. And each day passes with no sign of any discernment from the people or its leaders. Its business as usual.

I will continue this article over my next blog.


One response to “History repeating itself?

  1. Nice article. I am living in South Africa for the last six months, one of the youngest democratic constituition in the world. Inspite of its turbulent past they have created a system where local people interest are protected , this country has the best consumer act policy in the world. This country is still in the post 1991 Indian era where banks still decide the credit limit for individuals, global trade enthusiast call this country socialist and too slow for reform.But as a foreigner in this counrty I believe that South African Economic policies are robust and created by thinkers who have their heart at the right place. South Africa doesnt have a 6 plus percentage GDP growth as India but the country gives its citizens world class infrastructure like clean utility, proper roads and an environment which supports the small to medium business to operate with a healthy margin. Indian political think tank have forgotten that even 250 years ago India was a powerful self sufficient economy run by small family business catering to local needs and utilizing inhouse talents. I hope our leaders soon reliase that India is not powered by Stock market it is powered by small to medium business in small cities like Surat, Jalandar , Coimbatore etc., . Indians fundamental strength is savings in the bank so that family savings are insulated from market driven financial instruments, I sincerely hope our Government should start thiking beyond what they have learned from the west to think. Only original economic solutions tailored for local culture will sustain for long time, imported solutions will perish soon since doesnt suit the local population. You cannot generalise people and its economy, as every race ,tradition , culture is different & unique the econmoy should also refelect the unquiness.

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