Welcome to my Blog. I want to share my thoughts on Bharat and Bharatiya culture in this. This is not anything new; there are several sites and blogs that do this, very well indeed. But I’m going to attempt to do something original, at least sometimes, if not often. I will also be sharing views, articles, videos etc from others, both with whom I respect & agree and those I disagree with; believe me I have several on both sides. I’m not sure that what I express will be always politically correct or will be in line with the present day modern discourse. In fact they might be often controversial. But I believe that it shouldn’t deter anyone from reading this blog. If you are not in agreement with the ideas and opinions here, you would at least find them presenting another point of view(dissenting they may be though). So please feel free to check this site whenever you can. I shall be posting my first blog in the next day or two. Welcome once again.


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